Best diving locations in the Mediterranean sea

You can try scuba diving in almost every Asian or Caribbean country. If you go to Thailand you will easily find a number of courses that will teach you the basic thing you need to know in only a few days. The scenery, flora and fauna are mesmerizing. But what are the best diving locations in the Mediterranean sea? Yes, you don’t have to go to Asia or the Carribeans to experience an out-of-this-world diving! Here are the best diving locations in the Mediterranean sea.

#1- Zenobia

This ship-wreck explorers pilgrimage is located on Cyprus. With diving depth reaching 42 meters, it was chosen as one of the most interesting diving locations in the Mediterranean.

#2- Punta Omo Morto

If you opt for a peaceful diving location, Punta Omo Morto in Italy is the best choice. It is very rich in wildlife, including rare species. It’s sheltered position and only 18 meters depth are perfect for a tranquil diving experience.

#3 – The Gibraltar

The military history of Gibraltar is a dream of every diver and wreck explorer because the Gibraltar is the place where the Atlantic Ocean blends with the Mediterranean Sea. There are numerous animal species, so the area of the northern Hercules pillar forms a unique combination of very interesting flora and fauna. In 1888, a steal steamship weighing more than 1000 tons was sunken. Today it lies on the seafloor facing upside down. It can be accessed from three different points. The wreck is safe for exploration. This place is mesmerizing because when its interior gets illuminated, the ribs of the ship look like cathedral vaults.


Let’s dive into the less-known locations in the Mediterranean. Albania was always a popular summer destination among the Balkan peoples, but lately it is gaining worldwide popularity due to its untouched, heavenly beaches, low prices and exceptional nature. Saranda is its best diving location with depths reaching 50 meters. As the fishing industry is on its minimum, the sealife is very rich and interesting for the divers, as well as the underwater caves and cliffs.

#5 – Borovnik

This diving location in the Mediterranean sea is not well-known, but this Croatian island it is a true pearl of nature rich in photofile algae, sea caves and lots of fish. The site is actually very rich in red gorgonians. Three smaller sea caves are the favourite divers’ spot in this area. It is up to 60 m deep and suitable for experienced divers.