Diving clubs in Canada

Diving clubs in Canada

Canada is probably not the very first country which comes to your mind when you think of diving. However, there are a couple of excellent diving clubs in Canada. It has amazing natural predispositions for mesmerizing diving destinations. First of all, it is surrounded by three oceans. That’s a great start! Secondly, Canada is a place where you can explore spooky shipwrecks, some of which had sunk a hundred years ago! Furthermore, there are diving sites in Canada, such as Barkley sound, where you can see gigantic…well, almost everything! Gigantic sharks, gigantic octopus, gigantic starfish, sea lions, … Very experienced professional divers love some of the Canadian diving destinations due to their demanding nature full of currents and cold streams.

We hope that you have changed your opinion on Canada after reading these amazing facts. Let’s find out more about diving clubs in Canada. There are plenty of them and most of them have highest caliber trainers and diving teachers, as well as internationally accredited programs.

Nepean Ottawa Diving Club

Nepean Ottawa is a diving club with more than 45 years long tradition. They offer five different programs: Introductory diving camp, Learn to Dive for youth, Learn to Dive for the adults, Junior Olympic Developmental Program, and the National-level competitive diving program. The greatest advantage of the Nepean Ottawa Diving Club are its trainers who are holders of the National, Pan American and World champion titles, as well as prize winners in various diving competitions. According to many, this is definitely one of the best diving clubs in Canada.

 Windsor Diving Club

Windsor Diving Club is mainly focused on teaching children how to dive. The Club is oriented not only to teaching proper diving technique, but also improving mental strength and general physical condition of its divers. The Club offers fun diving lessons for kids, diving camps, basic learning program, trampoline and diving programs, as well as summer camps. Its members regularly win medals on national and international competitions.

In conclusion, diving in Canada has a lot to offer. Diving clubs in Canada are very professional, with experienced and certified teachers which give diving lessons according to the highest world standards. There are lots of clubs dedicated to teaching kids how to dive. However, there are also clubs which have 7 to 77 years old members. Lots of Canadian diving clubs provide internationally recognized diving certifications and licences.

Best diving locations in the Mediterranean sea

Best diving locations in the Mediterranean sea

You can try scuba diving in almost every Asian or Caribbean country. If you go to Thailand you will easily find a number of courses that will teach you the basic thing you need to know in only a few days. The scenery, flora and fauna are mesmerizing. But what are the best diving locations in the Mediterranean sea? Yes, you don’t have to go to Asia or the Carribeans to experience an out-of-this-world diving! Here are the best diving locations in the Mediterranean sea.

#1- Zenobia

This ship-wreck explorers pilgrimage is located on Cyprus. With diving depth reaching 42 meters, it was chosen as one of the most interesting diving locations in the Mediterranean.

#2- Punta Omo Morto

If you opt for a peaceful diving location, Punta Omo Morto in Italy is the best choice. It is very rich in wildlife, including rare species. It’s sheltered position and only 18 meters depth are perfect for a tranquil diving experience.

#3 – The Gibraltar

The military history of Gibraltar is a dream of every diver and wreck explorer because the Gibraltar is the place where the Atlantic Ocean blends with the Mediterranean Sea. There are numerous animal species, so the area of the northern Hercules pillar forms a unique combination of very interesting flora and fauna. In 1888, a steal steamship weighing more than 1000 tons was sunken. Today it lies on the seafloor facing upside down. It can be accessed from three different points. The wreck is safe for exploration. This place is mesmerizing because when its interior gets illuminated, the ribs of the ship look like cathedral vaults.


Let’s dive into the less-known locations in the Mediterranean. Albania was always a popular summer destination among the Balkan peoples, but lately it is gaining worldwide popularity due to its untouched, heavenly beaches, low prices and exceptional nature. Saranda is its best diving location with depths reaching 50 meters. As the fishing industry is on its minimum, the sealife is very rich and interesting for the divers, as well as the underwater caves and cliffs.

#5 – Borovnik

This diving location in the Mediterranean sea is not well-known, but this Croatian island it is a true pearl of nature rich in photofile algae, sea caves and lots of fish. The site is actually very rich in red gorgonians. Three smaller sea caves are the favourite divers’ spot in this area. It is up to 60 m deep and suitable for experienced divers.

Why join a diving club?

Why join a diving club?

Diving, a sport of mythical proportions, scope, and nature, which connects us with the unknown, the underwater world, has always been an attractive activity. Diving is not easy unless you have some experience in it. It takes a lot of knowledge, theoretical one, above all, but also practical knowledge and skills to avoid all the dangers that a diver could experience. Therefore, before you start diving, make sure you join a diving club or school.

Why join a diving club? Experienced divers, as well as amateurs who have tried diving say that this is an unforgettable experience and a challenge for all senses: touch, sight, hearing, balance. There are many good reasons why you should join the diving club. Read on and find out more.

Learn more and prevent accidents

One of the best answers to the “Why join a diving club?” question is: “Increase your safety”. Regardless of being fun and attractive, diving is a potentially dangerous sport. This is especially true for those who don’t know the basics of diving, rules, and behavior underwater. Each diving club will not only teach you how to dive but also provide discounts on diving equipment, health insurance and help you join some invaluable activities you would otherwise not be able to experience by yourself.

Experience the adventure

As a diver, you will have a chance to experience an exciting adventure each time you dive under the water. Lots of surprises, including seaside caves, some of which have attractive entrances, meeting rare species, picturesque places, cliffs, sea fauna, such as dolphins and rare fish, mesmerizing corals and much more will become your life. These amazing and unique geographical areas in which you will get a chance to dive are interesting both to professional divers and amateurs.

Meet the incredible, hidden world

Furthermore, if you are passionate about underwater photography, discovering the sea in a way impossible except if you are a diver. If you love trips, shipwrecks and sea flora and fauna, you should definitely join a diving club. Old sunken ships are the greatest attractions for divers worldwide. These shipwrecks become habitats for fish, lobsters, crayfish, octopus and other sea flora and fauna species.

If you are still asking “why join a diving club”, the reason is that diving is a refreshing activity which can be practiced as a professional and amateur. Either way, it will awaken your senses and make you discover a brand-new world. Joining a diving school is necessary as it protects the diver from injuries, accidents and even death.

What is the cost to learn how to dive?

What is the cost to learn how to dive?

Did you ever think about completing a diving course? You probably always find a million excuses, but the wish to learn diving is still alive. Would you like to complete a group diving course or would you like to go to a diving course with your partner or a friend only? There are plenty of options when it comes to certified diving courses, depending on the size of the groups, your previous knowledge, training type you prefer and the dynamics of the course. What about the prices? What is the cost to learn how to dive? Let’s find out the average prices of the internationally recognized and certified diving programs.

The beginner’s level

Prices for the PADI beginners’ level are as low as 60 USD for one day of training and 1 dive. The Beginners 3-day Scuba Diver course costs around 320 USD (depending on your training country), while the full, 5-day Open water beginners course costs around 450 USD.

What is the cost to learn how to dive with the SNSI program? The full, 5-day SNSI beginners’ level course costs around 400 USD. There are 250 USD versions, but you will have to pay additional fees for each dive.

Candidates receive the PADI or SNSI certificate after completing the full, 5-day course.

Advanced level

The cheapest and shortest advanced level PADI course lasts 1 day, at 90 USD. The candidate performs one dive with the trainer. The full advanced PADI course, known as the Divemaster, lasts between 2 and 4 weeks at around 890 USD.

The advanced SNSI certification programme costs around 450 USD.

Specialized Courses

These courses offered by PADI include the night diving course, diving navigator, multilevel diver, full face mask diver, search and recovery diving programs, as well as deep and boat diver programs. The prices range from 130 to 300 USD and last 1 or 2 days.

SNSI specialty courses which include the night diver, rescue diver, stress diver, master diver and the dive guide programs vary from 175 USD to 650 USD.

In conclusion, PADI and SNSI programs are the most popular ones as they provide comprehensive, both in-classroom and in situ training, as well as internationally recognized certificates and licences. Furthermore, both of the programs offer different levels of diving courses and trainings. The prices vary from 60 USD for the most basic, shortest training to 890 USD for an intensive, 4-week professional program.