Diving clubs in Canada

Canada is probably not the very first country which comes to your mind when you think of diving. However, there are a couple of excellent diving clubs in Canada. It has amazing natural predispositions for mesmerizing diving destinations. First of all, it is surrounded by three oceans. That’s a great start! Secondly, Canada is a place where you can explore spooky shipwrecks, some of which had sunk a hundred years ago! Furthermore, there are diving sites in Canada, such as Barkley sound, where you can see gigantic…well, almost everything! Gigantic sharks, gigantic octopus, gigantic starfish, sea lions, … Very experienced professional divers love some of the Canadian diving destinations due to their demanding nature full of currents and cold streams.

We hope that you have changed your opinion on Canada after reading these amazing facts. Let’s find out more about diving clubs in Canada. There are plenty of them and most of them have highest caliber trainers and diving teachers, as well as internationally accredited programs.

Nepean Ottawa Diving Club

Nepean Ottawa is a diving club with more than 45 years long tradition. They offer five different programs: Introductory diving camp, Learn to Dive for youth, Learn to Dive for the adults, Junior Olympic Developmental Program, and the National-level competitive diving program. The greatest advantage of the Nepean Ottawa Diving Club are its trainers who are holders of the National, Pan American and World champion titles, as well as prize winners in various diving competitions. According to many, this is definitely one of the best diving clubs in Canada.

 Windsor Diving Club

Windsor Diving Club is mainly focused on teaching children how to dive. The Club is oriented not only to teaching proper diving technique, but also improving mental strength and general physical condition of its divers. The Club offers fun diving lessons for kids, diving camps, basic learning program, trampoline and diving programs, as well as summer camps. Its members regularly win medals on national and international competitions.

In conclusion, diving in Canada has a lot to offer. Diving clubs in Canada are very professional, with experienced and certified teachers which give diving lessons according to the highest world standards. There are lots of clubs dedicated to teaching kids how to dive. However, there are also clubs which have 7 to 77 years old members. Lots of Canadian diving clubs provide internationally recognized diving certifications and licences.