What is the cost to learn how to dive?

Did you ever think about completing a diving course? You probably always find a million excuses, but the wish to learn diving is still alive. Would you like to complete a group diving course or would you like to go to a diving course with your partner or a friend only? There are plenty of options when it comes to certified diving courses, depending on the size of the groups, your previous knowledge, training type you prefer and the dynamics of the course. What about the prices? What is the cost to learn how to dive? Let’s find out the average prices of the internationally recognized and certified diving programs.

The beginner’s level

Prices for the PADI beginners’ level are as low as 60 USD for one day of training and 1 dive. The Beginners 3-day Scuba Diver course costs around 320 USD (depending on your training country), while the full, 5-day Open water beginners course costs around 450 USD.

What is the cost to learn how to dive with the SNSI program? The full, 5-day SNSI beginners’ level course costs around 400 USD. There are 250 USD versions, but you will have to pay additional fees for each dive.

Candidates receive the PADI or SNSI certificate after completing the full, 5-day course.

Advanced level

The cheapest and shortest advanced level PADI course lasts 1 day, at 90 USD. The candidate performs one dive with the trainer. The full advanced PADI course, known as the Divemaster, lasts between 2 and 4 weeks at around 890 USD.

The advanced SNSI certification programme costs around 450 USD.

Specialized Courses

These courses offered by PADI include the night diving course, diving navigator, multilevel diver, full face mask diver, search and recovery diving programs, as well as deep and boat diver programs. The prices range from 130 to 300 USD and last 1 or 2 days.

SNSI specialty courses which include the night diver, rescue diver, stress diver, master diver and the dive guide programs vary from 175 USD to 650 USD.

In conclusion, PADI and SNSI programs are the most popular ones as they provide comprehensive, both in-classroom and in situ training, as well as internationally recognized certificates and licences. Furthermore, both of the programs offer different levels of diving courses and trainings. The prices vary from 60 USD for the most basic, shortest training to 890 USD for an intensive, 4-week professional program.